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I’m Sarah Jane

My Story

I am Sarah Jane, the owner of Power Coaching. I have always been into my health and fitness and lived a very active lifestyle from a young age.

After struggling with my weight & relationship with food for numerous years after finishing my final years dancing, I began sharing my own journey as an inspiration for others to avoid the mistakes I made in my early years.

I realised once you ditch the scales & restriction you begin to see results in a more positive outlook. Balance and consistency is all you need!

You can continue to enjoy all the food you love & social events and be healthy too. Health does not mean a solid 6 pack, it is all about being kinder to yourself & loving your body for who you are.

That is why I began Power Coaching. I wanted women to believe in themselves & boost confidence through a more enjoyable, effortless change!

Sarah Jane Power, Owner of Power Coaching
my weight loss journey

My Mission

Being in the shoes of many women beginning their journey, I knew I wanted to inspire each client to become the best version of themselves throughout my one to one coaching. I believed in educating woman with the tools they need to boost their confidence through a happier and healthier change.

How does my program work